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7 överraskande relevanta citat från Harry Potter-böckerna (ENG)

Dumbledore might be the man of wisdom, but even Hagrid has had his moments of enlightenment. Here we've gathered 7 surprisingly relevant and timely quotes from the books which make you wonder if perhaps JKR has had just a small peek in 2020's own Prophecy Record at the Department of Mysteries. 🔮

1. Regarding covid-19

Not sure which side you're on; pessimist or optimist but yes, after covid-19, wildfires and hurricane season it is easy to think anything's possible. In a not so optimistic way. But, hey, everyone's different, right? 🤷‍♀️

2. Also regarding covid-19

JKR got it right, but one might start to wonder where the light switch (or light catcher, if you will) of 2020 is.

3. Well, also regarding covid-19

Some rules are meant to be broken. Some not. I wonder how Hermione might have tackled this corona situation. Rule obeyer or rule breaker?

4. Regarding, well, human rights..? Transgender debate?

We think that everyone has their own right to define who they are. And that shouldn't be anyone's business. Period.

5. Also regarding the transgender debate

JKR might have got some things right, but well... We believe someone ought to tell JKR to read through the Harry Potter books again. She might get a different view of... well, certain things. 🌈

6. Well, yes, this, too (can't stress this enough)

Pride. Isn't that what it's all about? Again - someone ought to tell JKR to read her books. Please, anyone..?

7. Regarding the US election

This particular quote from the HP books may be worth thinking about now more than ever. The muggles have quite some power struggles to get through this fall... Question is, will He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named get your vote? Only the Prophecy Record can tell...