About The Folklore Company

Sofia Magnusson, founder of The Folklore Company

It all started when I wanted something personal on the wall at home.

With roots in Hälsingland I have grown up in environments where folklore, needlework and craft has been ever present. Each and every housewall is adorned with wall hangings of varying quality, but all embroidered with pride and love. What would symbolize me and my heritage better than to decorate my big city apartment with a piece of folklore?

The problems started when I decided to create a wall tapestry with a slightly more modern touch, with lyrics by Neil Young instead of quotes by Einstein. I could never have imagined that it would be so difficult...

Personalised embroidery designs are today created by patterns and text manually transferred to the fabric - a procedure that basically has not changed since ancient times. I realized that this was something that could be simplified and improved - and a seed to The Folklore Company was sown.

In May 2014 The Folklore Company launched the first product: the ability to design your own embroidery piece - delivered as a complete sewing kit. In October 2014, the second product was launched: your personally designed embroidery piece - delivered already embroidered and ready to hang in the wall. This is to meet the demand of all those who would like a wall tapestry at home, but do not have time to embroider it themselves. In spring 2016 The Folklore Company could offer our customers to get their custom made pattern as a pdf - delivered straight in the mail. But there's more products to come - there is still much left that we want to offer you!

Due to a demand from companies, The Folklore Company designed our own collection of cross stitch kits which was launched at the Nordic design Fair Formex in august -16. If you would be interested in being one of our retailers, mail me at sofiaatfolklorecompany.com

I have since the start noticed that I have a product and a service that stands out. Not only have the company won the Swedish business idea contest My Mission in 2013, but we have also been featured in several of Swedens largest magazine and radio channels, e.g.:

  • Svensk Bokhandel nr 11/2014
  • Tidningen Skriva nr 9/2014
  • Radio P4 Gävleborg 30/7-2014
  • Tara nr 7/2014
  • Hus & Hem nr 9/2014
  • Radio P4 Göteborg augusti 2015
  • Amelia Vår mars 2016
  • Sköna Hem maj 2016
  • Hus & Hem nr 7/2016
  • Hus & Hem nr 7/2016
  • Borås Tidning, september 2016
  • Faktum, december 2016 and may 2017
  • M Magasin, december 2016
  • Göteborgs Posten, 9 april 2017
  • and more... 

Not forgetting all those who have written about us on social media, for eg. www.kurbits.nuwww.trendenser.se, www.mittliv.se, www.dromma.se, Camilla Läckberg, Jenny Strömstedt, Lisa Lemke - thanks for your encouragement!

Our vision is by promoting and preserving the tradition of craftsmanship, attract new generations to see the art and the desire of needlework. Join us on our journey as we revolutionize the industry!

//Sofia Magnusson

Some other current or past collaborators:

Complete list of retailers will come shortly.

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