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10 things to have at home when hosting a sewing circle.

The hand craft trend has never been bigger, and the sewing circle has made a come back – big time!
It's not only the sitting down embroidering with loved one and friends that makes people want to do it, it's the quality time and being able to wind down as well.

We've listed 10 things that are good to have at home when hosting a sewing circle.

1. Table cloth
2. Pillow case
3. Tote bag
4. Backpack
5. Kitchen towel
6. Toilet bag
7. T-shirt
8. Jacket
9. Duvet
10. Canvas sneaker

These things are great to cross stitch at, and to be able to do it with other people really gives the creativity the kick it needs. You can have challenges as well, list a few things you think is impossible to cross stitch at, try to and then show each other.