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10 ways to upcycle your clothes with embroidery!

We (The Folklore Crew) obviously love everything embroidered so I might be biased on the subject but I am completely in love with DIY embroidery on clothes!

I've listed 10 times embroidery on clothes was done just right.

1. Dress to express for success!

(Images are linked to their souce)

Let’s start out with the subtle: a simple little quote on a pair of jeans. Such an easy way to get your own touch on your favorite pants!

2. Foxy!

If you’re more of a quirky person the “animal-in-the-pocket”-look is the cutest.

3. Hidden artwork

How cute are these?

4. Make your shoes pop!

You can even embroider on your shoes to get a more personalized look and to upcycle a pair of shoes that seems boring after a while instead of buying a new pair.

5. Do not touch

Not sure when the cacti took over the world but they are cute on basically anything.

6. Collar-ize

One of our favorites! Embroidered collars can be done in so many ways - cute and floral or edgy and geometric!

7. Back to art

If you have the time you can create a complete artwork on the back of your jacket. If you like the look of cross stitch patterns you can use the water soluble canvas as a way to get the crosses neat and tidy!

8. Fly!

This is so pretty! (Yet again a bit biased since we do have a thing for swallows)

9. Optimistic!

Rainbows can brighten the look of any piece of clothing!

10. DIY statement tote bag!

Get this tote bag as an embroidery kit

Totebags - the perfect bag for both grocery shopping as well as making a statement. We offer a couple of DIY tote bag-kits here. A fun way to combine embroidery with something you can use everyday!

Embroidered clothing can be found in a lot of stores right now but doing it yourself is a lot more fun. If you haven’t tried embroidery before we have a cross stitch guide HERE and a lot of inspiration on our instagram.

Marielle at The Folklore Company