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3 exhibitions with focus on textile.

We have listed 3 exhibitions with a focus on textile. Bring your loved one, your kids or a friend and enjoy some culture!

1. ” Balenciaga - Master of Couture”. This exhibition takes place at Borås Textile museum until april 22nd. It's produced by Victoria & Albert museum in London, and focuses on Balenciaga during 1950's/1960's. Christian Dior called Balenciaga "The master of Haute Couture", this is all about fine tailoring, embroideries and beautiful material.

2. "Bohemian Luxery – Liberty Style" at Tjolöholm slott.
This exhibition is combining British interior, fashion and textile from the last century. A lot of the interior in the castle origins from the Liberty mall in London, trend makers in the 1800's, and was inspired a lot by the east. The store was popular amongst people working in culture, and famous people like Oscar Wilde and William Morris visited the store a lot. As a part of the exhibition, Liberty has opened up a pop-up shop in one of the rooms in the castle – the feeling of Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts movement is definitely a fact.

3. If we we're in London, we would definitely visit the new Exhibition at Victoria & Albert Museum with Mary Quant. She was a revolutionary designer at the British "high street" back in the 60's, with her mini skirts and hotpants. She designed playful fashion for youngsters.