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3 steps on how to protect your fabric.

Aida and linen are the most commonly used fabrics when cross stitching. Taking care of them doesn't have to be hard and time consuming. Here are 3 tips that will keep your cloth clean and usable for years to come.

1. Clean hands are the best way to prevent damage to your fabric
This is essential! Wash your hands before stitching and kindly ask anyone who wants to touch your embroidery to wash their hands first. Make sure your hands are dry, and don’t use lotion afterwards.

2. Keep projects away from children and pets
Small children or pets might not understand the need to keep fabric clean the way grown ups do. I bet you are proud of what you created, so if you show it to them, try to avoid having them touch it. Get them their own embroidery to work on instead, so you can have a cozy time and stitch together.

3. If you use a hoop, clean it before you use it
Your frame can cause stains without you even knowing. If you frame is dirty, it will leave a ring on the fabric. Make sure it’s clean by using alcohol or mild detergent and allow to completely dry.

These tips will save you the headache of accidentally getting your beautiful creation dirty. Less hours of cleaning and more hours of stitching is what we all want!