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3 things to do this easter.

No plans this easter? Maybe your calendar gaps empty, but you feel the urge to do something. We have listed 3 things for you to do this easter, or any other weekend.

1. Build your own bee hotel for all our beautiful bees who are facing extinction. It's something we don't want to happen, they help us pollinate all the plants that give us fruit and vegetables. At the website of Naturskyddsföreningens you can read more about how to build the hotel, and how to help save the bees.

2. Wind down, spend time with people close to your heart, and let your hands be creative. Do some embroidering with your family and/or friends and talk about nothing and everything. This is a perfect activity when the days are getting lighter and longer – it makes it easier to see the stitches. Design your embroidery kit here.

3. Get inspired by Therese Elgqvist aka Plantbasedbythess for a healthy green menu. There are so many yummy things you can do with vegetables, yay!