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3 tips on creative and inspirational books.

We love creativity and to come up with new ideas on what to embroider, but sometimes you need a little extra inspiration to kick start your creative process. We've listed three books, that we love, on just creativity and inspiration.

1. Hannas blomsterpill & mönsterlek by Hanna Wendelbo.

Dive in to Hannas creative process when she creates different patterns. Follow along and see how she gets inspired by nature and creates beautiful mandalas using flower leafs from her garden. A lovely book with a lot of stunning photos, great copy and a lot of tips on how to keep your creativity flowing.

2. Kulör - En bok om vad färg gör by Lotta Kühlhorn

In this wonderful and colourful book you get to dive in to the brain of Lotta – a designer with a love for colours, tones and different colour combinations. She also talks about her work when it comes to making book covers. The book is of course sorted by colour – what else?

Good for us who likes to embroider that DMC have so many lovely colours to choose from, and that they are available in our webshop!

3. Lises Lettering - Konsten att rita bokstäver by Lise Hellström.

A whole book filled with quotes, lovely pictures and of course different ways on how to use lettering. Imagine being able to letter the way Lise does! Also super interesting to read about Lises way to become a creator & business woman, and to be able to take part of all her tips and trix.


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