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5 ideas for how you can make embroidery into a group activity!

Embroidery can, for the untrained eye look like a one-womansport. It’s something you do at home in front of the TV when the kids are asleep and you’re dressed in sweats. (You know, the sweats with those stains from when your youngest threw mushed banana in your lap).

However, embroidery can in fact, despite the above description of it, easily be transformed into a group activity!/p>

1. The classic sewing circle

All you need is at least one friend, enemy or aunt. Relocate to some nice place like a lovely café or to someone who really enjoys baking cookies. Make sure that everyone has an inspiring embroidery project available and you’re ready to mix craft with gossip. Bonus tip: wear clean pants. 10 out of 10 points!

2. 100 meter embroidery

Okay, it’s not about running but IT IS about competing! Make sure you and a friend have the same embroidery pattern (but your own material) and cheer on (or challenge) each other to finish your embroidery. “Oh I see Anna, you’re still on the yellow thread? I’ve already moved on to red!”. The one who finishes first wins and can be rewarded with a new embroidery, a cake or a trip to the Maldives (who am I to say what’s a reasonable price). Is not recommended for sore losers.

3. Secret stitch-along!

Arrange a secret stitch-along where you and 1-3 friends embroider the same pattern but where you only get to see one piece of the pattern at a time! A bit like that game where someone draws a head, you fold the paper and someone else draws the chest and so on. Anyway, this is a fun technique to cheer on or push each other to complete your embrodery. “Come on Anna, you’ve had pattern #3 for several weeks now, chop chop!” Fun for everyone eyh?

4. One embroidery to rule them all!

Did you take on a project that’s a bit too big? Then it’s a perfect opportunity to trick.. ehm, invite a friend over for all the fun to collaborate. Decide to stitch 100 crosses each and then hand it over to the one next in line! Perfect for the impatient one!

5. Mix it up!

Do you ever get tired of watching the same motif for too long but promised not to purchase aaany more embroideries this month? Create a rotating schedule with one or more friends to help out with each other’s motifs! Fun and varying!

And that’s it! Hopefully you got some inspiration to invite your friends to the embroidery club. The more the merrier <3