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5 inspiring Instagram accounts and blogs to follow

Today we’re gonna talk a bit more about inspiration. And what to do when you lack it. Because honestly, sometimes all you want to do is get creative but your imagination and inspiration just say STOP. And here’s a few tips on IG accounts and blogs to follow to trigger that inspiration when it’s nowhere to be found. 

1. DIY Sweden
Katarina has it all. She’s a multi creator writing about all sorts of creative things, like IKEA hacks, bakery and of course embroidery as well. With precise detail she gives you ideas about what to create and how to create it. True inspiration! Unfortunately, it’s only in Swedish. 

2. @teeteeheehee

We’ve mentioned her before. But we cannot stress this enough. Her IG grid is just amazing. Teresa mixes graphics with embroidery on a new and quirky manner. One of her “signatures” would probably have to be the post card embroidery she makes from the cities and places she visits. Like, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Great Wall or Cinque Terre. Just, check it out. It’ll definitely be worth your time!

3. Subreddit about cross stitch embroidery
This one, a just amazing subreddit about cross stitch embroidery favoured by the Reddit CEO himself. Users share their tips and finished work here. And it’s just a great page turner, or scroll trigger, if you like. 

4. @nataliegaynordesigns Natalie is a hand embroidery artist who mixes romantic artwork with upcycle tips and inspiring motifs. Soon one of Folklore Company’s own muses. Thrilled!    

5. @dromma
Lotta displays wonderful photographs on her IG account. And not only that, she writes romantic and deep captions that goes along with the feeling so well, it’s almost scary. Just a bit of a warning though, it’s really hard to stop scrolling down her feed!


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