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5 tips on how to make your embroidery easier

Embroidery doesn’t always have to be just that simple. When the thread is fuzzing, the scissors are weak and blunt and that wonderful feeling of serenity and flow in your creative process is suddenly gone. What do you do? Do you give up and lay your work aside? Put it in your long forgotten drawer somewhere, to be just as forgotten as that? Or do you keep on going, untangling tangled thread after another, rip it up against blunt scissors and put on some groovy background music, hoping it will appear soon - that feeling of flow. Because that’s why you do it, isn’t it? To get to that wonderful feeling of serenity and creative calmness, when the thread flows through the cloth like a knife through butter and stitches evolve into beautiful patterns in, what you think is, no time at all. If you face a setback in your embroidery there is, thank God, help on the way. You don’t have to keep fuzzing, you don’t need to carve with those blunt scissors of yours. It’s not for naught there is a saying; “One is only as good as one’s tool”.

We’ll give you 5 concrete tips on how to make your embroidery going swimmingly:

  1. Beeswax for the thread

Find your beeswax here. For those times the thread is fuzzing we strongly recommend beeswax. An old trick used by tailors since the olden days. With two fingers you evenly distribute the wax over the thread. Gives the floss a smooth surface and keeps it from fuzzing.

2. Scissors for cutting

Find your new scissors here. Don’t use those old kitchen scissors, please. Get yourself scissors dedicated for the purpose. Most preferably the scissors are of a smaller sort, like the Stork scissor - a classic item amongst embroiderers and tailors. 4 inches long and beautiful to look at. 

3. A hoop to keep the work steady

Find your hoop here. It’s hard not to stress this enough. But a hoop is a must. Truly. With this you keep the cloth taut and stretched when embroidering. And it works perfect and beautifully as a frame for your finished work, too. Don’t you think?

4. Dressmaker’s tape for measuring

Have a look at our dressmakers tape here. A measuring tape must be the tailors have-to-have. This beautiful creation is a replica of the old wooden dressmaker’s tape they used to make back in the days. Designed as a barrel you wind the tape in by hand. Beauty is in the details, indeed. 

5. Box for your needles

Check it out here. Keep order of your tools. It’s easier to work when you know where your things are at. With a needle box like this you can separate your needles and your pins easily and with beauty and finesse. 

For more utils and must-have’s, check this out.