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5 unique Christmas and New Years post card ideas

When the holiday is near I usually get reminded of my own weaknesses when it comes to preparations, especially when the yearly Christmas cards arrive at the door.
It reminds me how lovely it feels to get personally addressed mail (in a time when everything is digital) but it also reminds me that I failed to send out any Christmas cards on my own, this year too.
Every year I get equally delighted for the lovely cards I receive and equally annoyed that I forgot to send even a single one.

When I receive Christmas cards I usually put them up on the fridge, well, if they're creative or personal enough that is. Not just any old card deserves such an honorable place and there's especially hard rules for the ones that get to stay after the rest of the Christmas decoration goes away for the season.

Anyway, as you probably can imagine no one will have the pleasure of putting one of my Christmas cards on the fridge this year. And since I already feel quite stressed out about Christmas as it is I simply decided to create some celebratory New Years cards instead!

What better way to make a truly creative and personal card than creating it with embroidery and sparkling yarn? This is what I came up with. The first one, a neat embroidered "2018", with golden thread and a contrasting strong outline. The second one, a shiny snow flake, where I combined the thread with blue pearls to give it a little extra bling.

Embroidery do have a tendency to leave a messy back. If you want a cleaner look you can always glue a pretty paper over it to cover it up or just leave it as is. I personally appreciate when you can see the work as it truly is.

To wrap this up I want to share some other inspiring cards created with needle and thread. The variations are endless and as always - the sky is the limit. If you created any creative cards this year post them below!


Credit: se.i.kat, mikaelaedren

I have a feeling that 2018 will be a year full of embroidery both for me and you.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year, from all of us at The Folklore Company.

Elisa Marban Flink.