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9 wonderful Moomin embroidery kits

Creativity + left over floss = true

Are you all done with your embroidery, but still have some floss left?

Use your left over floss, pick out a specific part of your pattern and do some embroidering on our Iphone cases, you can find them here.

If you want to cross stitch text you can use the letters in your existing pattern and just pick and choose however you like. You can feel limited at first, but it's a great feeling to just get started and get the creativity flowing.

How to:

1. Pick your pattern

2. Count how many crosses the pattern is on both the width and height. You do this to be able to see where to start embroider to place it where you want.

On the Iphone cases it's 7 squares/cm, so that will make the crosses and the pattern smaller than usual.

It's the same procedure if you want to embroider text, count the width and height on the text you want to cross stitch.

Since the squares are smaller on the case than the Aida cloth, it's a little bit finical but it's worth it in the end! It turns out super nice and all of sudden you have your unique Iphone case.

This is my case, it's not perfect but that's fine with me. I like it a lot and it feels so good knowing that I created this myself – such a great confidence boost!

/ Marie

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