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Cross stitch and street art

One of the best things with embroidery is to sit down and put all your focus and energy on the embroidery floss, the cloth and the pattern. But cross stitching doesn't need to be limited to something you do just in the peace and quiet of your own home.

The trend "Yarnbombing" didn't escape anyone a few years ago when colorful, knitted creations was all of a sudden covering trees and lampposts around town. We're happy to see that this trend has finally come to cross stitching. We have listed three amazing embroideres who has taken it upon themselves to take cross stitching to the next level!

UrbanXstitch @urbanxstitch

Urban X-stitch is actually two embroideres who is a French duo and they create colorful embroideries on fences. Their artwork has become highly appreciated additions all over France.

Picture from All my faves
Picture from Weburbanist
Picture from All my faves  

Raquel Rodrigo @arquicosturastudio

Raquel Rodrigo started as a set designer but is now bringing life and color to the streets of Spain through her embroidery. Her beautiful roses pops out of what used to be a boring, grey wall.

Picture from Bored Panda
Picture from Bored Panda
Picture from Bored Panda

 Ana Martins @aheneah

Ana Martins is portugese artist with a background in graphic design. With inspiration from her grandmothers embroidery she has found a way to combine the digital and the analog process och the result is magical! 

Picture from thisiscolossal
Picture from thisiscolossal
Picture from behance