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DIY mobile for the nursery

In today's blogpost I am going to show how to do your very own mobile. The finished mobile is perfect as an interior design element in your home, but it is also the perfect DIY baby gift for a friend who recently given birth.


  • Yarn in your color/colours of choice. I am using yarn by “Svarta Fåret” in the colours; 241, 211 och 03.
  • Darning needle.
  • Hard paper/cardboard 
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery yarn for the suspension of the mobile.
  • Embroidery hoop ( you will only need the inner part of the hoop for this project).
  • Toilet roll (or an other circular object to draw the cartoon moulds.
  • Buttons (one button for every ball of yarn).

How to do it:

1. Start with drawing up circles at the cardboard. It is good if the cardboard is firm, but it is important that it is not to firm since you will need to cut it apart later on. To get six balls of yarn you will need to cut out 12 moulds. Fold the moulds in half and cut out a hole in the middle in all of them. Put the moulds, two and two, onto each other. Thread your darning needle with yarn.

2. Place the yarn onto your cardboard circle and use your thumb to keep the yarn fixated until you have attached your yarn against the cardboard. When the thread of yarn is coming to a end: attach it by pulling the end under your already sewn yarn (picture nr 2). When the darning needle no longer can pass through the middle, you know the first part of your ball of yarn is ready.

3. To transform your bundle of yarn into a ball you will need to untack the yarn. Cut the yarn at the short ends of the circle. Continue cutting alongside the entire circle until your scissors reach the sides of the cardboard. Next step is to part the two paper moulds, place a new string of yarn in between them, and finally tie the yarn firmly around your threads to prevent them from taking off on their own. Remove the paper moulds and voila; you have your own first ball of yarn :). To hide your loose ends from the knot, make them disappear in your ball and cut of the extensive yarn.

4. When the balls of yarn are done it is time to attach your embroidery thread to the balls. This you do by tying a knot around a button and sewing right through the ball. Put the string with the ball up against your embroidery hoop to get an idea of the suitable length. When you have decided what distance you want between the ball and the hoop, tie a knot around the hoop.

5. To make the assembly of the mobile a bit easier I put the hoop on a kitchen ladder (left picture).

Before your mobile is ready to put up you will need to make the suspension. Cut three threads in the same length. Attach each one of the threads as shown in the picture to the right. Collect the three tied threads in the middle and make an ordinary knot.

6. If you want to hide your knot you can do that by pulling all three threads through a smaller ball or yarn or why not use a wooden pearl for the same purpose?

Best of luck!

Sincerely yours

Elisa Marban Flink Xx.