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Earth Hour Week 2021 - Upcycle your old clothes!

Don't throw them away - how to upcycle with embroidery!

March 27th at 8.30 pm it's time again for the darkest yet brightest evening of the year - Earth Hour. And that's why we're focusing just a lil' bit extra on the climate these upcoming weeks. In today's blog post we're scrutinizing the silent but oh so beautiful climate thief - our wardrobes.  Did you know that the average Swede buys approximately 13 kilo of clothes each year - and throw away 8 of them?! And that the UN classifies the clothing industry as a bigger climate thief than the flight industry? So, what can we do then, in order to keep a healthy and climate-friendly wardrobe? Stop throwing things away! And start upcycling instead! With embroidery, you can create a new closet with small means. This is how. 

Upcycle your old clothes with embroidery

Maybe it's a hole in your favourite pair of jeans, a stain on your shirt or you're just tired of the plain old look of your Tees? Embroidery patch kits are the solution!

This you'll need: 

Water soluble canvas (included in our patch kits)

Thread (included in our patch kits)

Needle (included in our patch kits)




This is how you do it: 

1. Place the water-soluble canvas included in your kit on the place you want to embroider and fix it with a base thread. 

2. Stitch the motif on the water-soluble canvas (works just like an ordinary Aida cloth) 

3. Remove the base thread

4. Fill a bowl with water (approx 40 degrees Celsius) and let the embroidery soak for 5-10 minutes. Rinse well.

5. Let it dry and Voilà - you got yourself a new garment!