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Embroidery inspo in times of isolation

In difficult times we can all feel the urge to express ourselves. Either through art, words, talks or whatnots. And what better way, really, in these times of madness, of isolation and tristess than creating a cross-stitch embroidery. It’s an easy thing to do do, mindless even. So, grab your fave quote - could be whatever - and start stitching. If you need help finding the right patterns, motifs or so - feel free to use our design editor, order as PDF - delivered directly to your email (no human contact whatsoever - that’s a promise), or order as complete kit. Delivered to your mail box in just a few days. Keep strong and enjoy todays inspo. Brought to you by isolated cross-stitchers from around this mad globe. <3 <br>Stay healthy, The Folklore Crew