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Faktum x The Folklore Company

Have you ever heard about Faktum? It's a street magazine from Gothenburg, Sweden. Faktum offers job opportunities for people in various vulnerable situations.

A salesperson of the magazine purchases copies for 40 SEK and sells it for 80 SEK and keeps the profit. Faktum is not a charity, it's a job and provides the opportunity for the sales people to change their situations.

The magazine was founded in 2001 in Gothenburg by Maria Hanseblad, Per Adolfsson, Emil Sernbo and Mario Prhat. Today it's published once a month and approximately sold in 40 000 copies monthly.

This year (2021) we've had the pleasure to be a part of their christmas campaign. Faktum has created a wonderful, creative wall calendar for 2022 where 12 of their sales people are put in the spotlight to share their stories. As an extra treat you can also purchase an embroidery kit with two of the selected quotes from the calendar. All of the profit will go to Faktum and their sales people!

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