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Folklore Muse – Fru Svala

During April we spent some lovely time with our new Folklore Muse – Malin Larsson, aka Fru Svala. We visited her beautiful home, asked her some exciting questions, talked about creativity and did some embroidering together. Some questions are already out on our Instagram, but down below follows the whole interview.

1. Tell us about Fru Svala My name is Malin, I turn forty this year and I'm married to Erik. We have to kids – Ruth (8) and Iris (5). We live in an old house built in 1907 in Ekebäck, Gothenburg. I came up with the name Fru Svala back when I had a blog. Svala means swallow and it's my favourite bird. It symbolises loyalty and family oriented. For my birthday, I want to make a tattoo in the shape of a swallow holding a ribbon with my kids name on it. I also want the bird to be surrounded by peonies – my favourite flower! I am a Visual Merchandiser and I work at Happy Homes, a perfect combo if you like colour, patterns and to be creative all at the same time.

2. What is the first thing you do in the morning? Before waking my kids up, I drink my coffee! My body doesn't start working until I drink my first cup.

3. What does creativity mean to you?
It really means a lot for me. When I'm creative I fill up my energy tank – that's when I feel as good as I possibly can.
When I'm creative with my kids, there is no room for thinking of perfection – I just let it go and run with it. The excitement is that it could turn out to be anything – love it!

4 What song/band do you listen to when you cross stitch? I love silence when I embroider. I have a hard time focusing when there's a lot of noise going on.

5. I never leave my home without _____ Sadly, I have to say my smart phone. I wish I could eave it more at home, but it always comes in hand. When I go to work, I bring a book, or as it is now – my embroidery kit. Such a good way to relax during my lunch break.

6. If you had an extra hour in the day, what would you do with it?
I would definitely do something for myself. I'd love to attend a pottery class, and I also promised myself that when I graduated. That was three years ago, so it's probably time now.

7. Which three patterns are your favourite, and why? - Swallows Journey, not a hard pick! Swallows are amazing and it totally goes well with my Instagram name!

- Summer memories, simple & beautiful. With it's winding flowers it looks like a beautiful wreath. A simple embroidery for a beginner like me! The girls are getting one each with their names in it, and if they want to continue filling in other names when they grow old – there's room for it.

- Nordic stars – magically beautiful! You need a lot of time to do this one (ask me, I've been embroidering on this on and off for a whole year), and it's so typically me to choose the difficult one to begin with. To this pattern I want the text "You don't have to bend over backwards to be good enough" – maybe that's why I feel it will get done when it gets done, and it will turn out beautiful. I already know where to put it!

8. Where in your home do you feel the most creative?
It depends on what I'm up to. If I'm with the kids it's probably the craft room, everything you need to be crafty is in that room, and the best part is – you don't have to clean up. If I'm embroidering I usually sit in our sun lounge – the light is magical there.

Malin also shared 5 tips on how to decorate with your wall hangings. Fill in your email adress down below to get the tips.