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Folklore Muses on the Net - a world wide cross stitch society

We’re so grateful for all the artsy, inspiring and heart warming pictures, comments and texts we get from our followers out there. It’s one of the best perks when working with embroidery - to be a part of this wonderful community. Recently we made new friends with people who’d like to share our message and take this fantastic cross stitching movement further and we’d really love to share some of their work with you. 

Natalie, a radiant mum of three under the account @sewing_the_seeds_of_love created this wonderful piece with the same quote. You can tell she fancies colors, right? 😍

Suzanne, Northern Irelands most creative Youtuber, holding SAL’s and giving us high quality tutorials on sewing and crafts. Created a piece that tickles the imagination. Sewing is good for… well, what do you believe?

Emma Louise, the dog lover from Wales. With exceptional style she gives us a glance into her beautiful scandi boho home. And here - a self made cross stitching piece we just love. Plantlady, indeed. 

And yes, then there’s Lily of course. You might have heard of her - she also runs a successful blog, giving us fantastic interior tips and inspiration. This piece she designed by herself, and is indeed wonderfully made. Don’t you agree? 

For more Folklore Muses why not check out the hashtag #folklorecompany . It's absolutely packed with beautiful pictures and inspiration!