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Get familiar with embroidery slang

When you're out and about, surfing the world wide web, you get a glimpse into many worlds and their individuality. The world of embroidery is no different. And, like many subcultures, it comes with its own vocabulary. 

These words all seem so obvious to everyone else. WIP, SAL, UFO and frogging – it almost takes a genius to figure those out. We took a dive into the language of embroidery and found a few favorites that we will be adding our vocabulary.

Let's start with a tricky one. Can you figure out frogging? It's a term used when you've made a mistake and need to rip out your stitches. You need to rip it, rip it and rip it. Get it? It's the english version of the sound of frogs, but other than that, frogging has nothing to do with frogs.

So, if you're using frogging then you will have a WIP. It's a common term in the needlework communities for a Work In Progress. Basically any project you got going on right now. Let's be real, We all have a few WIPs hanging around in a basket somewhere.

But then there are projects that you just don't want to, feel like or have the energy to finish. Ever. They are the UFOs lying around, can you even identify what they are anymore. Of course they are the Unfinished Object. And unlike the WIPs, these tend to stay unfinished.

Are you ready for a SAL? This is the mighty popular concept Stitch A-Long. You can find these on social media where stitchers and embroiderers let you tag along and stitch together. There's also mystery stitch alongs where the pattern is revealed one bit at a time.

These are just some terms to get you started and hopefully they will help you in the forums out there.  Let us know about your favorite embroidery term! And if you're already fluent in the language of embroidery let us know which ones we have missed. Comment below – let's make a glossary!