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Guest blogger: tusenblommor on autumn and creative joy

Sofia is the girl behind the immensely inspiring Instagram account tusenblommor. An account filled with emotion, flair and allurements - from a small country home outside of Stockholm. We're extremely happy and proud to, once again, present tusenblommors amazing handiwork in today's post. If you want more from tusenblommor, visit her Instagram or have a look at the embroidery she created the past summer. 

I always thought the change of seasons is inspiring. A new yet familiar mood giving space for creativity and reflections - and I’m overflowing with visions and creative joy, especially during the autumn.   

October came with some gentle days and I’ve just loved bringing my embroidery with me out, together with a thermos flask full of coffee during these fall days.

One of the greatest yields I find in embroidery as art, except for the joy and versatility of the stitched visual storytelling, is to be able to bring it with me - pack down my needle and threads and venture into the lush nature as long as the weather is on my side - I just make sure to find a really good tree to lean against.

I have chosen to freehand my stitching in this piece. And I used a bunch of different techniques; chain stitching, stems stitching and french knots. My inspiration came from the beautiful wreaths from The Folklore Company and I kept my colors scheme on the more muted side. A hot tip if you want to do cross-stitch on more than the traditional aida-plaid, is to use water-soluble canvas! It’s simple to attach with a couple of stitches against your textile of choice and easy to dissolve in water when you are done! Here you can find a small tutorial of how to use it:

During the years I have been to my fair share of second-hand shops and flea markets which amounted to a collection of old bag handles of wood and bamboo. One of these married perfectly with the embroidery! The bag is made out of linen cloth and I could not be happier for the birds now flying freely into the world.