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Hanna Karlzon – Bloom

A new pattern, designed by Hanna Karlzon is here! We have collaborated with her before, but this time the pattern has fewer colours, comes in two different colourings and is inspired by Art Nouveau.

Hanna lives in Umeå in the north of Sweden and started her own company as an illustrator and graphic designer in 2013. She's probably most known for her dreamy illustrated colouring books for adults.

We wanted to give you some inside information, so we asked a couple of questions.

1. What does creativity means to you?

A lot. Everything? Creativity is life. I love being creative and to use my hands, draw, mold, photograph, sew, plant flowers etc. It's very important for me to be able to create, and when I don't I'd love to take part in others creativity through arts, reading books and listen to music.

2. When are you the most creative?

When I'm in my office and work very intense for a few weeks, or months, with an assignment – maybe a book, that's when I feel "in the zone". When I'm done with that assignment, I almost feel tired and I have a hard time feeling creative.

It's always nice to have that drive, but some days you wind up not feeling it – that's a tough one, but I know it always comes back. When spring is just around the corner and we have a little bit more sunshine I instantly feel more energetic and my creativity starts to bloom. I'm super excited to start sow flowers and vegetables that will decorate my balcony this summer. 

3. What gives you inspiration?

At the moment different historical eras inspire me; clothing, accessories, interior etc. I like everything from the Vikings to the beginning of the 20th century. 

3 quick ones:

4. Night own or early bird?

Haha, none. I'm super tired in the evening so I go to bed early. But still, I'm tired in the morning when I wake up..

5. What's your motto?

I don't really have a motto, but there is a part of the lyrics in an Iron Maiden song I like a lot: 

"Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years. Face up; make your stand and realise you're living in the golden years". 

6. What's your ultimate guilty pleasure-song?

This might sound boring, but I don't have one. I'm not ashamed of any songs in my playlists, because everything I listen to I actually do like ;) 

Thank you Hanna! Check out the pattern we created together here.


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