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Happy new year

While writing this Christmas is over. In my last post I was so excited about sharing all the crafts I’ve been doing since October but most of those things were x-mas gifts so of course I had to keep it to myself so I wouldn’t ruin the surprise for my loved ones :).

I remember Christmas when I was about eight years old and I had decided to go for quantity instead of quality on the gift department. The result of that lovely idea was that I painted about 100 little drawings, wrapped them and HID THEM inside of the Christmas tree! The receivers of the gifts were of course very polite and thanked me for the rather unpolished creations (I was only eight so...) but since the gifts were so small only about 60 were ever found again. The Christmas tree became some sort of bermuda triangle of crafts - the gifts entered the tree, but never found their way out, forever lost.

One of the many things that has happened since I was eight is that I nowadays focus more on quality rather than quantity. I still have the idéa that home made gifts are the way to go which unfortunately always leads to me panicking in the end, since Christmas has a tendency to sneak attack you! One minute it’s August and the next it’s the day before Christmas.

This year I thought I’d be prepared when I started crafting my gifts in October but that strategy failed, surprise surprise! Next year I better start in June...

One of the gifts I made this year is a pretty large rose made with cross stitch (~ 7 x 5 cm) which I made into a brooch for my floral loving mother. The base for the embroidery is a plastic fabric, left over from a previous craft. (I now completely understand my grandma who thinks that everything is worth keeping). The plastic fabric works just as well as regular Aida fabric :).

After I finished the embroidery I glued it on some felt fabric and sewed the brooch needle on on the back.

Christmas time brings a lot of joy but also quite a lot of stress so when it’s over I really enjoy getting some much needed rest. “Unfortunately”, due to various family constellations I celebrate for several days. It’s probably not a valid excuse for avoiding it all by telling them I want to sit home with Netflix and candy so I simply have to suck it up!

Here’s my best tips if you ever need a pause from family time during the holidays.

1. Go for a walk with the dog. If you don’t have one - GET ONE (dogs are the best), or borrow someone else’s. Walking in winter time is so cozy, especially when there’s snow.

2. Catch up on your embroidery! Embroidery is a very soothing activity, once you get the hang of it you can pretty much do it on autopilot, giving your stressed out x-mas brain some time off.

Happy new year from all of us at The Folklore Company. We wish all of you creative spirits all the best and hope 2018 will be the best year yet.

With love