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How to embroider 3D-roses in 3 easy steps!

Life is full of choices, some hard, some easy. As a creative crafter (especially when you do much of your work freehand) some of the creative choices sort of just happen and the idea often differs a bit from the final result.

For this post these frames sort of chose me (instead of me choosing them) and then inspired this week’s project - a bouquet of embroidered roses .

I started to mark the size of the square frame by tracing the edges of the paper inside the frame, on some fabric with a pencil. I did this so I would make my roses the right size.

1. To create the roses you first need decide where you want the middle of the rose by doing a stitch from the back of the fabric.

2. When you have the thread and needle on the front of the fabric, decide the size of the rose by creating an asterisk/star (*) shape. For this rose I did six “arms” on the asterisk/star, but it’s a bit easier to use an odd number of arms.

Do your stitches from the middle and out on the front of the fabric, then back to the middle on the back, to create the next “arm”. Observe that these roses look best in a rather small size, so don’t make the arms too long.

3. Now the fun part begins! When you’ve successfully created your asterisk it’s time to weave the needle and thread over and under the asterisk’s arms.

Continue this process until you’ve covered up the arms of the asterisk completely. The roses will get a different look based on how many arms you choose, so try it out to find which one you like the best.

Next it’s time to make some green leaves for the flowers, which I created with simple satin stitch. I started out using Aida fabric for this project but I realize that it would have been a bit easier to use a regular fabric for more flexibility with the stitches.

To give the bouquet a more finished look I decided to try out some french knots and for once they actually turned out pretty good! French knots can be a bit complicated and I’ll make a tutorial on that another time. Finally it’s time to place the embroidered result in it’s frame but unfortunately it was a bit too bulky to fit so I had to come up with another solution.

Here's the final result (and below what I ended up using inside of the cute frames)


Good luck!
Elisa Marban Flink Xx.