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Video tutorial: water soluble canvas

Water soluble canvas opens upp a lot of doors when it comes to embroidering! You can cross stitch on basically anything – how cool is that? We decided to make a tutorial for you on how to use it – so there's nothing stopping you now! 

Design your pattern right away!

You need:
Water soluble canvas

How to: 
1. Place your water soluble canvas where you want your embroidery.
Fix the canvas with a base thread.

2. Stitch the motif on the water soluble canvas.

3. Remove the base thread before washing.

4. Fill a bowl with water, approx 40 degrees, and let it soak for 5-10 min. Rinse well.

If you are embroidering on colourful clothing, wash it before hand to avoid staining the embroidery.

Follow the clothing washing instructions as usual, but make sure to attach the ends on the back of your embroidery properly.

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