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Inspired by Bernie Sanders

No one can possibly have missed how relaxed and comfortable Bernie Sanders was at the inauguration earlier this year.  To say the least Bernie became viral and since then ha has been seen with probably every single famous person there is; with everyone from PSY in Gagnam Style to Frodo in Rivendell.

Picture from Hindustan News
Picture from Buzzfeed

But he hasen't just become the most popular meme of the year, he also made an appreance as a free embroidery pattern here at Folklore Company and it was an immediate success! Below you can see the great work of @stick_och_brinn_med_vin.

Embroided by @stick_och_brinn_med_vin
Close up of the master piece

Since then Bernie has appeared as cake, pearled beads, a crocheted doll - well, just see for yourself! Here we have collected the best Bernie art works on the web! 

1. Bernie as a kumquat roll av @keempossible_2

This roll is made by self-taught home baker Keem from Malaysia. Check out her amazing pastries! 

Picture from Instagram
2. Crocheted Bernie by @tobeytimecrochet 

Not only can you embroider your own Bernie, he's also available for crochet! 

Picture from Instagram

3. Bernie-cookie by @sugarhi_bybri 

If kumquat roll is not your cup of tea you can get Bernie as a "regular" sugar cookie! 

Picture from Instagram

4. Cut out-Bernie by @mikebennettart

Artist Mike Bennett made a life size Bernie cut out who was sold on auction in favor for charity.

Picture from Instagram

5. Bernie as pearled beads @pappasparlor

Swedish artist Johan Karlgren, pearled both a Bernie and his mittens! 

Picture from Instagram
Picture from Instagram

6. The mittens

No list would ever be complete with out Bernies legendary mittens. Here is a free pattern to knit a pair for yourself!

Picture from Allas