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Kreativa Karin – new pattern for the kid’s room

With cute and colourful animals, Kreativa Karin frames the name of the person who has changed someone's life. She is behind the design of our latest pattern, where she puts the children in focus with fun animals and beautiful colours. "I think animals fit most children and it will be a playful decoration in the children's room with many details to look at."

You probably recognise Kreativa Karin from TV. She competed in the program Superskaparna and has worked as an editor at SVT's Pyssellördag. Today she works professionally with crafts and finds inspiration in her daughter Lena, incorporating a lot of colours in her creations. And that’s exactly what she brings to her cross-stitch pattern for The Folklore Company.

Karin is a craft enthusiast but embroidery especially is a new-old love that is close to her heart. "I love to embroider! Recently, I've taken up embroidery again and really stuck to it. It is so beautiful and meditative. Cross stitching is so easy and it basically can’t go wrong. It similar to working with beads which is something I also like to do a lot!"

In Christmas times like these she is certain to have a few tips. And high on her list is a gift for people to embrace their creativity. "An embroidery brings you joy for many hours, and it’s fun to get a personal and unique embroidery as a Christmas gift!" She explains. "I've been following Folklore for a long time on Instagram and think the possibilities are amazing. It’s something I appreciate, to be able to personalize and customize a product according to taste. "

Make Karins pattern your own by adding the text of your choice. Maybe it’s the perfect Christmas gift for you or someone you know?