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Kurbits on the sewing circle tradition.

The word sewing circle is seen the first time in the dictionary of the Swedish Academy in 1897. Not that women hadn't gathered and embroidered together before that, but it gives you a bit of perspective on how long the tradition has been alive. According to the dictionary, sewing circle means "a group who meets up to embroider and socialize", a little bit more relaxed explanation is "a group of friends meeting up at ones homes, doing something creative together".

The sewing circle is often associated with women spending time with each other in a cozy environment, often somebody's home, where they talk about everything and nothing. Fika (coffee, cookies and buns) is as important as the main activity – embroidery. The good thing about embroidery is that it's fully possible to do two thing at the same time, so you don't have to worry about the result – there will definitely be one. But everyone doesn't have the possibility to meet up as soon as they feel like doing some cross stitching. How lucky are we that there is a digital solution? Maybe you want to join a Stich A Long(SAL)?

There are several groups on the Internet where you can participate in different challenges where you embroider over a certain amount of time, or to a specific event. You can stitch along with different Facebook groups, events or hashtags on Instagram, or maybe you rather cross stitch live in front of your computer? In the Swedish Facebook group Online Brodericafé, they do exactly that. Every Sunday they cuddle up in front of their computer and stitch, the chat is filled with comments, pictures, tips and plain company.

The stitch community is a really good thing, but maybe you own company is even better enjoyed with entertainment of choice? A great audio book, a nail biting Netflix show, or an inspiring Spotify list, but make sure the entertainment doesn't get the over hand and steal your concentration away from the embroidery. Of course, it's all about balance, where the symbiosis between the stitches and your entertainment of choice gives you a even better creative flow. For all the embroideristas out there; it's all about having as many projects in the loop as possible, because we never say no to some needle and thread time, right? To match the doing with the stitching is a fine line, almost an art form, if you ask me. What do you do when you do?

Are you interested in hosting or participating in a Sewing Circle? Send us an email and we'll tell you more!

/Frida Arnqvist Engström, journalist running the blog, and an hobby embroiderista with a few too many projects going on at the same time.

Best thing right now: Listen to an audio book while stitching! I'm sold on all the books Storytel offer, I'm hooked on all their their historical novels.

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