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9 wonderful Moomin embroidery kits

Mini embroidery hoops.

Tiny things makes your heart often skip an extra beat. Your mind probably takes you to tiny animals or babies – but we think about mini embroidery hoops. They are the cutest thing we've seen in a while and on top of that, you can bring them with you everywhere you go. (Pictures linked to their source.)

Maybe you just finished your wall hanging, but you still feel like there's some creativity left that has to get out, and you probably have have some Aida cloth and floss left. It might not be enough for a new wall hanging, but it's definitely enough for something in a smaller size. A pin, key chain or why not a necklace? These embroidery hoops are perfect to use to minimize your embroidery waste, and you also get something that will spice up your outfit!

So get don't throw away those leftover pieces of aida cloth and DMC floss, keep them for when you get creative and want to make a tiny embroidery and place it in a tiny embroidery hoop!