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Quick and fun craft: Valentines day card

It is something appealing with buying and scratching lottery tickets. I am not a gambler in any shape or form ( if I gamble I bet smaller amounts in games with as safe distributions as possible). A few years ago i spoke with a professional dealer and he explained that gamblers don't only pay for the possibility to win but they also enter a game for the exhilarating feeling one get of the game. Regardless if you have a gambling personality, or if you like me appreciate low stakes, this craft for Valentines day is perfect.

1. Reflect upon all the lottery tickets that has passed through your life to get some extra inspiration. Draw a picture that will be suitable for scratching. I have done two examples: one example which immediately get one to think about gambling ( an old school gambling machine) and a picture with an easier design that is more true to our theme of Valentines day ( a simplified heartbeat sequence). Write what comes to mind when you think about the recipient: what does the person means to you? Make it as personal as possible. To be on the safe side I have used waterproof felt pens when writing down the sentences. I also tried with ordinary felt pens and the result turned out ok.

2. You need: a tablespoon, a brush, a bowl, washing-up liquid and acrylic paint.

3. Start with putting a tablespoon of washing-up liquid and then a put a tablespoon of the acrylic paint and mix.

4. Hide your words of love with the mixture and leave to dry.

5. When the paint has dried your diy lottery ticket is ready to be scratched.

The lottery ticket is quick to make and it is fun. Try it out! I promise the recipient of your lottery ticket will feel like a true winner.

Happy Valentines day from all of us at Folklore Company.

Sincerly yours

Elisa Marban Flink Xx.


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