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9 wonderful Moomin embroidery kits

Sewing circle with Dnilva.

Dnilva is a creative studio and inspirational blog on DIY, crafts and overall making things. She also shares inspiring travel destinations, recipes, how to grow plants in the city, and about her life. Dnilva is run by the versatile creator Anna María Larsson.

Dive in to her latest project; hosting a sewing circle where all the DIY kits were from our design editor. Så cozy with all the snacks, lovely company and creativity – jealous we couldn't be there!

Dnilva also shared a great tip she learned from her mother;
Stitch up the square pattern, on the leaflet, straight on to the aida cloth. Use a thread and pull it through the holes with equal amount of squares all the way through the pattern. Dnilva counted 5 holes in every thread length. This makes it so much easier, than to sit and count each and every single hole – such a great tip!

No matter if you are a beginner or an embroiderista, we'd love if you would embroider with our products. If you are a group with at least 3 persons, and want to try our design editor and make your personal embroidery patterns – let us know here.