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Slow stitching - what is it?

Breathe in. Listen to the sound of the needle, piercing through the cloth. Crisp sound, tickling your ear. Feel the rough material of the cloth scrape the tip of your fingers. Breathe out. Feel that with every movement of your hand you’re putting together small bricks of creativity, tiny crosses of freedom. Breathe in. Breathe. Out. 

Slow stitching is getting quite big. No wonder, with today’s constant hustle and bustle around us. And this is what it’s all about. The sheer serenity of the repetitive and monotonous movement of your hand through the cloth. Feeling everything you do, every small stitch of creativity.

It has the same foundation, same belief as the movement of Marie Kondo, you could say. The feelings connected with such a mundane duty as cleaning. And the wholesomeness after; that you’ve sorted things out while in your bubble.

Slow stitching is quite like meditation and much like yoga, too. If practised right you’ll soon notice the stress-relieving feeling slow stitching can have on your mental state. In fact, a lot of people diagnosed with burnout have used it throughout the years. Doctors too, treating patients with PTSD.

Slow stitching in a world full of motion might just be the cure. If you just remember to breathe. And feel the rough cloth between your fingertips, and listen - closely - to the needle piercing through the crisp holes of the fabric. Slowly, easily and serene.

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