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9 wonderful Moomin embroidery kits


 Step 1. The look

Choose your look. Do you want to go minimalistic, natural, colourful or retro? Decide on a colour chart, try out different combinations or use Google to find your best fit. 

Step 2. Mood board

Create a mood board on Pinterest, in Photoshop or other apps. (Or go basic and create it using scissors, magazines, cardboard and glue.) Fun! 

You can also check out our Kid's room Pinterest board here.

Step 3. Buy the essentials

Find and buy the products. This is the hard part. Either you buy all new or decide to keep it climate-friendly. The latter is much more time-consuming. Either way, our best tips is to not only keep it to children's stores or collections but also browse around in general interior stores - a lot of beautiful lamps, pillors and carpets fit for the children's room can be found here. But remember, bring your mood board with you when you head out shopping - or keep the document open if you shop online! With the mood board close at hand, you'll stick to the plan and get the room you first envisioned! 

Step 4. The decorations

The cherry on the cake - the wall decorations. This is where the room comes alive, where you'll find the soul and personality of your kid's room. Choose decorations that can match your child's personality. Customize your wall-hanging in our Design Editor and choose the colours, motifs and fonts that can represent the personality and match your mood board. Or browse amongst our pre-designed kits for the kid's room. Perhaps a star sign with name and birthday can be fitting? Or a cute quote that represents your child's playfulness and mischief? The possibilities are endless and the designing is fun. As we said, the cherry on the cake. 
Good luck designing and decorating your kid's room. <3

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