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The secret of unraveling a DMC thread skein.

How many times have you pulled the floss, only to end up with a huge mass of threads that'll take hours of untangling before it can be used? If you've experienced this, listen up! We'll solve your problem with this post.

The skein often has two tabs on it. The short tab is normally the brand and type tag. In this picture, it tells you that the skein of floss is DMC, that it’s Mouliné 25 and that there are 8 meters of it.

The longer tab on the other end has the bar code on it, importantly for the stitcher, it has the color number on it.

This is the more important tab, for two reasons: the color number and the end floss.

That end of floss is your friend. Always look for the end of the floss on the long tab.
It often sticks out from the end of the skein, and if you take a close look and follow its path backwards into the skein, it will look like it’s coming from inside the skein.

You can pull that end of the floss, and if you pull it carefully and slowly, you should be able to pull the whole skein out with barely any knots.

You might end up with a tiny knot or something similar . but they are always simple to remove. One thing is for sure, you shouldn’t end up with a huge knotted ball that takes a whole lifetime to sort out. Voilá!


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