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Sustainable thinking

The urge to renew ourselves through shopping is something we've done for as long as we can remember. But as you probably know, it's possible to upgrade our closet and interior without buying an actual thing.

Embroidering can help you with that. You have so many things at home you can cross stitch on. An old t-shirt, your denim jacket, jeans, backpack or even your pillow cases. The best thing is, you can buy an embroidery pattern online here (no paper will goes to waste) and just get going. Simple as that – let's go bananas.

Also, here are a 7 tips on how to be more sustainable when it comes to shopping.

1. Take care of your things
Taking care of the things you already have surely will make them have a longer life

2. Move things around
Invite friends over and swap things with each other, or just get some well needed interior advise

3. Make second hand a habit
If you already are thinking of buying something, drop buy your closest second hand store and see if they have what you are looking for there

4. At least one
Make sure at least one thing out of the things you plan to buy is from second hand. Next month two things, the next month three and so forth

5. Make a moodboard
Moodboards are always a good idea. It gives you a more clear picture of what you have in mind, so when you go shopping you don't buy stuff you don't need

6. Challenge a friend
Talk to your friends and challenge them. You know the benefits about second hand shopping, so why not share that with them and have them come with you the next time you go shopping

7. It's ok to change your mind
Sometimes we buy something and then change our mind. It's ok to return it. If you realise you don't need or want it – go back to the store and return it

Maybe you have a hard time figuring out what to embroider exactly? Head on over to our design editor, cherry pick your favorite and order it as a PDF. We root for you!

Photo: Momshoo

Photo: Hey Stitches


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