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8 tips on how to slow down during the holidays

It's been full steam ahead lately and Christmas eve is almost here. Instead of relaxing and getting into the Christmas spirit we are planning shopping, parties and visits to friends and family all over the place. Sometimes we need a reminder to slow down, take a breath and try to relax during holidays like these. We have put together 8 tips that might help you on the way to a relaxing Christmas.

1. There's no such thing as perfect. A gentle reminder that even though things might not go as planned, it still works out in the end. Aim for good enough and ask for help during the holidays. No one will fuss over burnt gingerbread cookies, a missing dish from the Christmas dinner or decorations.

2. Go offline. Pretend to be in a cabin without connection. There might be a lot to document during the holidays. But enjoy it for yourself, social media can wait.

3. One thing at a time. Time to stop multitasking. Watch a movie without your phone. Drink a cup of coffee while just looking out the window. It's time to learn how to do less, not more.

4. Embroider. Of course we have to throw this in the mix. Embroidery is a great way to get into mindfulness. Dedicate an hour before bed to embroider instead of scrolling through your phone or watching television.

5. Jigsaw puzzels. While we are on the subject of mindfulness. Jigsaw puzzels are a great way to work with your hands and really focus. Here's a possibility to set the bar as low or high as you like.

6. Plan some you-time. Early morning before the family wakes up or just some alone time during the day. Make sure to make time for you. Take a walk, watch a movie, start an embroidery. You do you.

7. No, nope, noooo. You might be scared of missing out or to make someone disappointed when you tell them no. But it's important to focus and spend your time that's important to you and give you energy, the rest can wait. Give it a try! Just say no.

8. zzZZzzZZ. Finally – one of the most important things in life. Sleep. Rest. You need it to function.

Hopefully this has given you some helpful and inspiring tips on how to slow down and stock up on some energy during the holidays. Maybe it's just a reminder on things you already know. And no matter how you choose to spend the holiday season we hope it's wonderful and, at least at times, relaxing.

Now we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

The Folklore Crew