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Tutorial: snap a quick picture of your embroidery

Everything you do doesn't have to be perfect – that would be exhausting. Seeing what you order from our webshop makes us super curious of how what the end result looks like, but we are almost even more excited to see how you do while creating your embroidery. The progress is almost more interesting than the result – even though the finished wall hanging is the one you show off in your home. 

So we thought, why not share a a little guide on how to snap a quick picture of your magical creation? As we said, nobody's perfect – and neither are we. So dare to show off the flaws, what went wrong, what went right and how it looks during the process.

How to snap a picture of your embroidery:

1. Pick out two additional props; for example a plant and a scissor (could be a measuring tape, needles etc)

2. Arrange them the way you like

3. Snap a photo

4. Post on social media

5. Hashtag #folklorecompany and tag @folklorecompany on Instagram

And remember; you have to have an public account for us to see what you upload.

Good luck, can't wait to see what you share!

Love / Louise 
Art Director & Content Manager


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