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9 wonderful Moomin embroidery kits

Underbara Clara up cycles a bed sheet.

Up cycling is the best thing! With small means you can make a tremendous change on something you already have in your home, and with small means we of course talk about embroidering. Cross stitching on a flea bargain is the perfect way to put your own touch to it – just like Underbara Clara.

She bought this lace sheet on a flea market, ordered the pattern as a DIY-kit and water soluble canvas from our webshop and embroidered on the sheet. While pregnant with baby Ulf, she embroidered on the sheet – the perfect way of giving him something personal. You can of course cross stitch on other things than bed sheets, for example an old pillow case, denim jacket, jeans, t shirts – the list could go on and on!

Let's talk a little bit about water soluble canvas. It's a plastic film with holes in it which makes it possible to cross stitch on several different materials. When you're done embroidering, soak the area in 40 degrees water and the canvas will dissolve all by itself. Buy it here.

Do you want do make your own? Design your own embroidery here

Do you want to know how to use water soluble canvas? Watch our tutorial here.