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When all you need is a little inspiration

We are still feeling the promises of new beginnings that seem to be attached to a new year. There are new adventures to plan and new projects to dive into. Maybe all you need is a little inspiration to get started? 

Finding those sources of inspiration is truly amazing. It could be a quote, an update to a proverb or a lyric that really resonates with you. We add them as a screen savers on our phones, write them down to remember when needed, send them for a laugh to our friends.

Maybe it's time to look for some new inspiration, to get you started on an adventure. We've gathered some of our absolute favorites, words shared with grace, intelligence and a little sass.

Are you feeling inspired and want to create your own wall hanging? Just click here and start creating. Our best source of inspiration will always be you. You're the ones making our dream come to life. So remember to tag us @folklorecompany and #folklorecompany. We can't wait to see what's next!
Lots of Love,
The Folklore Crew