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9 wonderful Moomin embroidery kits

With a needle and a thread on the Eurail

Planning for a rail road vacay this summer? Well, if you haven’t chugged along breathtaking views of splendid mountain ranges and steep, blooming valleys with a train already - here’s a few of many reasons you should. First off, it’s climate friendly.

Second, it gives you the time to lean back and relax and actually enjoy the time in-between destinations.

This, the ultimate hour for those creative tasks you usually cannot fit into your daily routine. How about bringing an embroidery kit along? Getting your hands and mind working while the train puffers melodiously along.  

Pattern: "Adventure"

A fun, yet practical way to use that needle, cloth and thread while travelling Europe  is to create cross-stitch postcards of the cities, villages or attractions you explore. Either to keep as souvenirs or to send back home, to mom, dad or granny. (Or the cat, mind you.)   

Pattern: "Veni, Vidi, Venice"

For more inspo about embroidery whilst travelling, why not check out @teeteeheehee on Instagram!