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World Embroidery Day 2019

Did you know the very first World Embroidery Day was held here in Sweden? A small group from the Swedish Embroidery Guild took the initiative to organize a special day dedicated to this fine art. 

One could ask oneself, why do we need a day like this? Well, first of all. For us at The Folklore Company embroidery isn’t just floss and stitches, patterns on cloth. It’s a movement. For us embroidery is so much bigger than just the needle and the thread. It’s about meeting others, through crafts. It’s when friends or not-yet-friends meet alike, through embroidery and share stories, tips and tricks. It’s when creativeness, relaxation and togetherness are combined, woven into a beautiful symbiosis that we feel so good. No matter background, gender, history or origin. And for us, that is worth celebration for sure. 

If you want to meet up with someone this day, for some togetherness and embroidery there are places to go. If your in Sweden, the Embroidery Guild holds sewing circles all around the country. Check out the listed cities here

If you’re not from Sweden, and you can’t find any organized circles around you, why not bring those needles, those threads and that cloth and sit outside. In a café, a bench in a park somewhere or just in the open. If you embroider in public, one could only wish someone strolls by, get inspired and suddenly you’ve spread the word - embroidery is lit again!

If you’re interested in finding out more about this initiative check out the Swedish Embroidery Guilds manifesto here

In connection with World Embroidery Day we're having a contest together with Green Hotel in Tällberg Sweden. The 18th-20th October they're hosting "Screen free weekend", a creative weekend filled with activities for the whole family – where we'll have a workshop to inspire more people to try embroidery!

Compete to win accommodations for 2 kids during the Screen free weekend (adults pay regular price). 

How to compete:
Post a picture on your instagram of your embroidery, either all done, in progress or as a screen shot from our Design editor of what you'd want to embroider! Tag the picture with: @folklorecompany, @greenhoteltallberg and #worldembroideryday2019. Last chance to post is 2nd of August 23:59 CET. The winner will be announced at the 5th of August on Instagram.
Please note: Make sure you have an open Instagram account :)

For inspiring fan pics, check these out: 

Instagram : @frusvala

Instagram: @frusvala 

Instagram: @littleswedeontheprairie

Instagram: @saijasu


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