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The Folklore Company - Cross-stitch tradition with a modern touch

Sofia Magnusson, founder of The Folklore Company, grew up in Hälsingland, Sweden, a place where red-painted cottages are decorated with traditional wall-hangings made with love, tradition and pride.

"I wanted something representative of me, of my heritage and my personality"

When Sofia decided to leave the countryside for the city she wanted to decorate her apartment walls with something personal. A wall-hanging was the natural choice. But not any wall-hanging would do.

Designing your own, personal embroidery would be easier said than done. And after browsing the Net for a simpler solution she found few alternatives providing such.

Hassling with wax paper and pencils was the easiest way of doing it. She understood that the industry needed to digitize. Right then and there Sofia decided to do something about it - a seed to The Folklore Company was sown.

"I believe a lot of us feel stressed. And doing something with your hands could feel rather liberating. To just be in the moment for a while"

Today Sofia has a vision of more and younger generations finding the magic in embroidery. And doing so, the industry needs to digitalize, it needs to simplify and it needs to get more modern. "Today embroidery has a kind of mossy label to it" Sofia claims. “And that’s something we want to change”.

She also points out the pros of finding back to the more "analogue" creatives and crafts. "I believe a lot of us feel stressed - from everything constantly going on around us - 24/7. And doing something with your hands could feel rather liberating. Being creative and just be in the moment for a while."

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