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Karin Holmberg

It is with great pleasure we introduce Karin Holmberg!


Karin is one of Sweden’s best known profiles in embroidery. With a popular blog, author of several books on needlework and frequently hired for workshops and seminars Karin has made a name for herself and established a successful career in Sweden. Karin’s beautiful and creative work ranges from wool- to paper embroidery. The book cover she created for Vilhelm Moberg’s Emigrant series was especially well received. It seems like there isn’t an embroidery that Karin can’t master!

Karin’s contribution to The Folklore Company’s pattern bank is a embroidery pattern inspired by traditional Swedish cross stitch designs. To find out what Karin herself thinks about her designs and patterns have a look under the embroidery piece “Emy”.

If you’d like to read more about Karin and her embroideries, exhibitions and other work - check out her blog at