Did you know that 74% of adults in the UK feels stressed?

Studies have shown  that 74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point over the last year they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. Stress has become one of the main public health challenges of our time. The question is - how can we deal with it?

"Our phone has become our best friend and our worst enemy."

Digitalization have brought a lot of good things. Flexibility, accessibility and considerably more options, if we were to pick a few. But it has also brought a lot of cons. The constant accessibility, wherever we go - around the clock.

Our phone has become our best friend and our worst enemy. The last thing we lay aside before we go to sleep and the first thing we pick up when we wake. “Digital stress” is a thing.

But there are those who claim that creativity can help us find back.

Help us to let go of stress, anxiety and social likes. Help us to find peace and calm, and back to our mental well-being.

Studies have shown that creative activities like song, music and crafts can have decreasing effects on our production of cortisol - the hormone released when we’re feeling stressed. We allow, when engaged in creative activities, for the brain to focus on our process rather than our anxiety.

"I believe a lot of us feel stressed. And doing something with your hands could feel rather liberating. To just be in the moment for a while"

- Sofia Magnusson, CEO at The Folklore Company

We at The Folklore Company would like to stand up for the well-being and the creativity. We want to make crafts accessible for anyone wanting to try. And make it simple for those who’d like to explore their creativity in crafts. And we think it’s time for all of us to put our cellies aside - if only for a moment - and start embroidering.

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