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9 wonderful Moomin embroidery kits
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Product information

The needle is the sewing accessory you can not do embroidery and cross stitching without!
With this folding packet from Sajou you get a variety of sizes and can take on most fabrics.

The case consists of 40 needles - 20 sharp sewing needles and 20 round point needles for cross stitch, tapestry etc. All needles are made in France.

Sharp point:
6 n° 5 long needles, 6 n° 7 long needles, 4 n° 9 long needles, 2 n° 3 darning needles and 2 n° 5 darning needles.
Round point:
2 n° 20 needles, 4 n° 22 needles, 4 n° 24 needles, 4 n° 26 needles and 6 n° 28 needles

You can chose between 4 designs: 

- The "Crozon Model" where the cover represents three girls embroidering "Maison Sajou - Fancy Work". The inside is a floral paper in turquoise and orange tones.

The "Mellac Model" where the cover represents six women's in an Art Nouveau style (19th century). The interior is a floral print in blue and pink tones. 

The "Guilvinec Model" where the cover represents a cat and a dog winding wool. The interior is a floral print in green and red tones.

- The "Queen's Bedchamber" where the outside represents a cross-stitch interpretation of the fabric in the Queen’s Bedchamber in the Versailles Palace. This motif can be found in the collection dedicated to the Palace and Marie-Antoinette in our Museums and Heritage Collection. The interior is a reproduction of the drapes known as “the Queen’s summer furnishings”.

Size of packet when closed : 14 cm x 9.8 cm.
Size of packet when open : 14 cm sur 19.6 cm

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