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The aida fabric with it´s clear holes are perfect for cross-stitch. The fabric is suitable for both beginners and experienced.

This white fabric is 100% cotton, where the 14, 11 and 8 crosses/inch have a width of 130 cm. 6 crosses/inch have a width of 60 cm.

First, select cross density of your fabric. The higher number of count - the more crosses will you be able to stitch per inch. The crosses will also be smaller and denser. The lower the number of count - the less crosses will you be able to stitch per inch, and the bigger and easier will they be.

Then select the number of decimeter (= 0,1 meter/ 10 cm/4 inches) of fabric you want. You can buy up to five meters coherent fabric.

We deliver the ordered fabric to you in one piece.
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