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Do you want to embroider on something other than aida fabric? Maybe on the back of your jeans jacket or on a tote bag? Then you should use water-soluble canvas!

Water-soluble canvas is a plastic film with holes. With the help of the plastic film, you can easily embroider your pattern on your object in a very exact way . No skewed crosses or letters - the holes in the plastic will help you put the crosses exactly where they should be.

When done, lower the stitched area in water where the plastic dissolves. Left is your finished piece! See this short film on how to use it.

Design your cross stitch pattern in our design tool and buy a piece of water-soluble canvas, and you can embroider your design everywhere!

* The soluble canvas is in 5,4 crosses/cm (14 count).
* Size: 22 x 30 cm
* Instructions are included.

And what does soluble canvas consist of? 

The water soluble canvas consists of 100% polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). We have found the following info at the site for Swedish Society for Nature Conservation: ”PVA is a water soluble polymer and is not classified as micro plastic. Over time, PVA is broken down into smaller units and eventually with the help of micro organisms into biomass, carbon dioxide and water." 

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