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Embroidery floss from DMC (Mouliné)

Do you already have an idea and a color scheme in mind, but miss the floss you need? No worries, we got you covered! We sell DMCs mouliné embroidery floss in all the colors of the rainbow!

Embroidery floss and yarn from DMC

Yarn and floss for embroidery is something that comes in many shapes and materials. At The Folklore Company we focus on quality and therefor we only sell embroidery floss from DMC. Currently the only type of DMC yarn we're selling is their Mouliné line.

Apart from the regular colored floss we offer the DMC Metallic floss, the Variegated, Variations and Coloris! Just pick and choose the ones you love the most for a unique embroidery result!

Start kits and floss bundles

As a perfect gift we offer embroidery floss bundles with our DMC Mouliné floss. Apart from the embroidery yarn they contain a needle, fabric material of various types and a gift card.