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Crosstitch and embrodery kits

Wanna try embrodery and crosstitch? At The Folklore Company we offer crosstitch embrodery that you can customize in our Design Editor or you can purchase our pre designed crosstitch kits.

Design your own crosstitch embrodery

Get started with crosstitch embrodery!

The simple, yet satisfying art of crosstitch embrodery can be enjoyed in various ways. Design your own crosstitch kit in our Design editor, where you can write your own text, place custom figures and edit colors and design. Crosstitch embrodery has never been easier or more fun!

Crosstitch photo embrodery

If you're looking for a bigger challenge you can try our Image editor where you can upload your own photo and turn it into a custom made embrodery! You can select to buy it as a digital cross stitch pattern if you already have all the material (such as embroidery floss and crosstitch fabric like Aida cloth) or, as a complete DIY embrodery kit!

Please note that spelling errors like "embrodery" or "crosstitch" are on purpose so that everyone (even those who write too quick or don't know the correct spelling) can find their way here. <3 Come join the warmth!